Central purchasing

Purchasing is organised centrally at Würth Industrie Service in Bad Mergentheim, which is responsible for the procurement of C-Parts for all european companies.

Procurement for the entire product spectrum is carried out from Bad Mergentheim and all inquiries for new projects are processed in direct contact with our sales department.

In order to implement optimal procurement, the central purchasing office is divided into different product groups which request and procure the current range of products supplied.

Central purchasing


  • External and internal hexagon bolts 8.8
  • High-strength external and internal hexagon bolts
  • Nuts, washers, lock washers
  • Small steel screws, DIN 603, screws for thermoplastics, keys, rope and lifting equipment
  • Pins, rivets, springs, threaded rods, press-bent parts
  • Stainless steel
  • Turned and milled parts

Extended industrial range:

  • Small electrical parts
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Chemical-technical items and protective equipment
  • Tools and workshop equipment
  • Catalogue parts and standard parts

We are looking for you! Long-term partnership as a supplier for us.

Some important building blocks include:

  • Fast, flexible and reliable responses to our requests
  • Timely deliveries of correct quantities
  • A competitive price/performance ratio
  • A developed quality system
  • Innovative spirit, support for changes in the areas of technology, logistics and communication